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Come together over the perfect cup. It’s more than just a mantra, it’s our namesake. Fika is the Nordic idea of gathering with friends or family for coffee. Add chef-inspired pastries and the right atmosphere and you discover what makes the perfect coffee moment.

It takes all the senses to make the right coffee experience. At Fika House Kafe, enjoy the sweet smell of authentic Belgian waffles seasonally driven and chef-perfected. Savor your coffee’s journey from farm to Fika House Kafe through fine glassware that doesn’t hide or hinder your cup with paper or ceramic. Infuse your drink with high quality milks that add a velvety finish to each sip as it slides past the tongue with syrups made fresh to ignite your palate.

Taste, touch, sight, and smell, coalescing into a full flavor experience in our 14 seat intimate décor. How to enjoy the perfect cup? The answer is clear.

SourceThe Right Place, The Right Time

It all starts here–hidden inside the deep purple and red cherries of the coffea plant. This crop enjoys multiple growing regions in countries across the world. The skill is in choosing the right coffee for the time of year. From rainfall to elevation to region to soil conditions and latitude, many factors come together for an ideal foundation for a great cup of coffee.

Fika House Kafe deals directly with farmers to select the right beans as they come into season and offer their fullest flavor profile. From Kenya to Brasil and all along the Bean Belt between, each fair trade, certified organic selection is ready to roast into the perfect bean.

RoastForging Flavor

Bringing a bean from farm-fresh green to rich roast requires both engineering and artistry. Source, temperature, humidity, and other factors can affect each individual roast and only passion and specialization can achieve the flavors waiting to be unlocked. Our coffee is roasted locally by family-owned coffee roasters whose philosophy on exposure roasting aligns with the standard we set for great coffee. The idea is simple in concept but elusive in practice: roast until the bean expresses its full characteristics and no more. This proprietary approach sets the foundation for the perfect glass.

ServeCome Together

How does one delve into the full flavor of coffee? The answer is clear. Unspoiled by paper, free from ceramic obstruction, each in-house drink comes to you via fine glassware that showcases the final product instead of hiding it away. Why waste the deep tones of fresh pour-over coffee or an exquisite crema profile?

Taste the nuance brought by fresh grounds blooming in the hourglass elegance of Chemex. Capture the full body coffee has to offer by blending immersion and filtration in our siphon coffee. Gather over our many espresso-based drinks or try our alternative milks and delicious syrups to enhance your drink. Even match the times with our rotation of seasonal concoctions.

It’s taken a lot to bring coffee from farm bean to Fika brew and passion for the perfect coffee experience made it happen. Grab a glass, have a seat, and enjoy.


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Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 9am - 4pm

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    298 106th Ave NE
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